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Our Moving Packages

Along with our services, we offer a number of different moving packages that you must select from when requesting your personal price quote. Here you can find more information on what each package includes so that you can choose the one that will best suit you on your moving day. We are here to make things quick and easy for you, regardless of the moving package you select.

If you still have any questions about our services and moving packages, please feel free to contact us and we will be able to assist you!

Package 1. Loading Men and Van 

Our Package 1 includes a van with a members of our team who will transport your items and furniture and will also be there to assist you in the loading and unloading of the van. You will be responsible of having packaged all your items and furniture upon arrival of the van from the pick-up location. This will ensure a quick loading and unloading process with the help of our staff. This package is suitable for small moves.

Package 2. Packaging Crew and Van

Package 2 includes a van along with our packaging crew, who will be there to assist you throughout  the whole moving process. They will package your items and furniture, paying extra attention to fragile items, ensuring all items are transported safely and securely. They will also be able to disassemble and assemble any large furniture and will do all the loading and unloading of the van for you. We highly recommend this package for large moves. Sit back, relax and let us handle your move!

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